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My tour with Ruth and Ehab of All One World Tours was a dream come true. I have been interested in Egypt since my teens. This tour was the first organized overseas tour I have ever taken. Ruth Shilling organized the tour in such a flawless manner that I could literally do nothing but have fun. Mealtimes, pit stops, shopping stops, and wonderful interactions with the people of Egypt were seamlessly worked into each tour day. Her small tour groups gain exclusive access to many big tourist sites as well as other sites that literally no one else gets to visit...  Read the entire review

Rosanna F.*
PhD research scientist for aerospace materials company, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

* Rosanna would be happy to speak with you by phone about her experience.  Please contact us to get her contact information.

Additional reviews at reviewcentre.com (please do not confuse us with the budget tour company named One World Tours).

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Subject: Re: Thank-you for a phenomenal trip!
Date: 2/7/06

Words cannot express how much we enjoyed our trip to Egypt with you!!!  It was phenomenal.....truly the "trip of a lifetime"! Everything was all we expected and much, much more. We will never forget our experiences there.

Ehab did an excellent job!. Not only was he a constant source of information about Egyptian antiquities, but he was so pleasant and personable. With his good looks, commanding presence, and beautiful speaking voice I just felt so special to have him as our very own guide. Mahmoud was a delight as well! I will always remember both of themÖ

Ruth, it was such a pleasure meeting and getting to know you. When I met you there was an instant connection for me....almost as if I had already known you in the past. I appreciate all your hard work, patience, and sensitivities to everyone's wants and needs. No one could have done any better job. Not only are you extremely knowledgeable about Egyptian antiquities and hieroglyphics, but you also have such an understanding and appreciation of the culture and the people. That meant a great deal to me.

Everyone loved their gifts.......my grandson especially. He even loved all the rock specimens I collected. When I asked him which ones he wanted he said "all of them, Granna!"

Thank you again Ruth, for everything........but, most of all, for being the warm, caring, sensitive, funny person you are. Any tour guide could have provided us with a trip to Egypt, but no one could have made the trip as uniquely personal and memorable as you did. You are a special person.

Let me hear from you.
Love and Blessings,
Duane      dwayne391@charter.net 

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Date: December 4, 2005

 I've been thinking of you and the other great folks from our trip. I can't stop talking about it here at home. Every day I tell my friends about another aspect or adventure that we had. They just can't believe all the special things we did and how you organized it all.

So in terms of feedback, I can only say "bravo!" You were on top of everything, every minute. From meals, to hotels (rooms), entrance fees, tipping, shopping--on and on. I honestly don't know how you do it--and do it so calmly! I especially appreciated the way you made our priorities yours. If someone wanted to see or do or buy something, we knew you would help us make it happen, no matter how major or minor.

As you know, being able to have contact with people and families was so meaningful for me. When people here at home say, "Weren't you afraid?" they get an earful from me about the warmth of the Egyptian people. I wish everyone could experience that.

Another thing that I really appreciated was the education we received from you and Ehab and Ashraf...I may never get the kings in order, but I certainly do have a much better sense of the flow of Egyptian history and their amazing civilization...

I don't want to close without another bravo for Ashraf. Through him, I felt like I really touched the heart of archaeology. He's a keeper!!

Love and blessings,

Betty Merriman, Content Developer: Readability
American Cancer Society, National Home Office 

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Thanks, Ruth, for arranging such a memorable tour. When Rhoda and I returned I wrote a note to a cousin who is going on a tour/cruise next month. As I wrote about our trip, I realized there were so many things that we had done that her group almost certainly will not be doing, that her experience will be quite different than ours. The private time in the Great Pyramid, the meeting with the archeologist at the Step Pyramid, the visit to the Sun Temple, the talk with Rachid at Karnak, the general timing of being at places when the number of visitors was so small - all off these things will not be possible for her. It was great that you were able to make much of this a very special visit.

Dick Christensen, US Foreign Service Officer - Retired  
Virginia, USA .  .   dickandrhoda@comcast.net 

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Subj: Can't Thank YOU enough!
Date: 6/1/02 3:28:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time


I can't thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime!  You just could not do enough to make the trip trouble free, different and exceptional.  Your connections from arranging a meeting with Zahi Hawass, the man in charge of everything ancient and whom I have seen on TV frequently, to making sure everyone had water and what ever "snacks" they wanted when traveling. When anyone "wished" for it - you made it happen. You got us into places the general tourist never gets to see.

I am telling everyone who has any interest in seeing Egypt two things:
1.)  If you go - Go with Ruth; because it is more a very private and personal tour than anyone could ever hope for at a price far below what one would expect to pay. Your planning was exceptional. When the BIG TOUR BUSES pulled up to a site you had us finishing and leaving in our little mini-bus thereby avoiding HUGE crowds.

2.)  Everyone asks me about safety. I tell them the truth; I have never felt safer, nor had the slightest hint that there was any danger. No American has been harmed or threatened to my knowledge for years. I felt safer in Egypt than in many areas of our country.

Anyway, thank you for being such a knowledgeable and dedicated person. Your love for Egypt is obvious - so is your dedication to your clients.  

I do want to thank you for how you handled the original trip which was canceled due to 9-11. You immediately sent a full refund.  I have a few friends who were not so lucky who were signed up with a large commercial tour company.  They lost their payments "big-time."

You are one of the "classiest" people in the travel business.  At age 73 I am not a neophyte traveler.  I have traveled many places in the world over the years and no one, absolutely no one, has conducted a trip as well as you.

Take care,
And, again - many thanks for the trip of a lifetime.


Don Mayes, DDS    
Don Mayes & Associates, Inc, PA  USA
E-mail donmayes@hotmail.com    [We are saddened to report that Don passed away in February 2007.]

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Egyptologists.  Larry is a grad student in Egyptology and his wife Ann has been teaching Egyptology for a number of years in NSW, Australia.

Dear Ruth,

What a wonderful trip! And how nice to be home again. By now, everyone else should be home too...

Our major focus of the trip was the archaeological sites and we were very attracted by your itinerary, with its focus on unusual and less accessible sites, especially in Middle Egypt. We also appreciated the care taken to avoid peak visiting times - this worked excellently. The lengthy amount of time allowed at each site certainly suited us and we appreciated the privileged access to several of the sites - which made the visits more special. The Abu Sir archaeologist friend we met at Saqqara was really impressed when we told her where we had been. Also, your willingness to accommodate the different desires of group members meant that everyone had their own special trip. The lunches in Egyptian homes were unexpected, but they were lovely experiences which we remember very fondly.

We were amazed by your ability to remain both physically and emotionally energized, and by the way you and Ehab worked so well to make circumstances comfortable for everyone. We were particularly impressed by your care over 'little' things like the provision of bottled water, small change, medications and even individualized exchange rates. These were all very welcome and made the trip run more smoothly.

We do not normally travel in groups but are very pleased we decided to travel with you because it mostly didn't seem like group travel - although it had all the advantages of the practicalities being organized for us.

Thank you for a wonderful trip. We will certainly be recommending your tours to any of our friends who are thinking of travelling to Egypt.

Very best wishes,

Ann and Larry

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Date: Feb 14, 2006 
Re: Photographers

Feel free to have any photographer call me for a recommendation at any time. I will be glad to talk to them.
Hope life is being good to you, Stonie .....  
Telephone in Florida, USA: 1-407-399-2279 ....  Email:  StonieOrl@aol.com   

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Dear Ruth

...As so many of us have said we felt all as time went on like a family having fun together, having experiences together and caring for one another whilst being on a wonderful adventure of discovery in this special land called Egypt. Ruth you made this possible through your care and thoughtful organization and I am sure other people in your future trips will have the privilege to have this unique experience. 

It will probably take some time to fully realize that we are back here in our everyday reality and even if it looks the same, we are not the same within because we see everything through what we have become through this trip. Anyway this is the way I feel and it is for me at this stage very difficult to express in words.

Lots of love
Marie-Claude, St. Louis, France

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One year after traveling to Egypt.
Feb 16, 2006

Dear Ruth, I have been thinking of you roaming the desert of Egypt and wished that I could be there too.  I hope you had a great group of people again.  I can hardly believe that a year has passed since our trip.  It feels very recent in my mind.  We speak of you and the trip often...it was the stuff that dreams were made of.

I finally broke down and ordered the fingerless gloves from Coolibar... the design is not as good as Solumbra.  I guess nothing in this world is 100% (except your trips).

Joyce and Sid Alpert, Sierra Club Excursion Leaders  ....  jmalpert@comline.com

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  I think about our journey in Egypt every day.  I feel I came back bigger, fuller, brighter and more alive.  A very important transformation happened there (over and over actually).

   I wanted you to know what a wonderful tour you provided for us who have not been there before and have so much to learn and experience.  Sometimes it was all so much, but without you it would have been impossible to have the trip we had.  I feel you were such a buffer between us and some of the harsher realities of life there.  Thank you a million times for all that you do, provide, and are!!  I honestly know I had a trip of a lifetime.  I am only now putting the pieces back together but in a new way and that is so exciting, if not difficult at times.  It will take some time to realize all that happened inside and outside of me there, although they were not separate at all...  Big shifts...

  In some ways I felt I was having a very private experience and was in an altered state most of the time.  Thanks to you it felt safe to let myself do that, knowing I was being guided and protected.  I had total trust in you!  That felt wonderful and is a true gift you have to give.  I felt I was dying and being reborn multiple times each day, falling apart and attempting to come back together again in some new way.  The experience in the Great Pyramid on the first day opened my heart in a new and strong way and then everything else built on that, on and on and on...  Wow!

  Again thank you for all you do and are.  I can't say enough good things to others about you and the trip. I speak your praises everywhere.  Is there a way I can help broaden that knowledge?  I think you are so doing what is in your heart and it shows and I want to share your riches with others.  The other thing I felt that worked so well is that you tailored each persons trip and experience to who they were and there was no pressure to fit into something else or to be anything other then who we each were and why each one of us ended up in that place at that time together.  It was all magic, thank you for that wisdom you possess and share and are.

  Keep up the work (and play) that you do, we all benefit!

  Love to you, 
  Thank you for Everything!!

[Marsha is a therapist working with hospice patients in San Francisco, USA] 

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Where do I begin?  The trip was FANTASTIC!  You and Ehab really know how to take care of your guests.  During every moment of those 2 weeks I felt like I was genuinely cared for.  You and Ehab always went the extra mile to make sure we were happy, comfortable and having
FUN.  I know the "big tour companies" don't (and can't) give this kind of personalized service.

Then there's the itinerary.  You two have the scheduling down incredibly well.  You knew where to be and when to be there so that we got the most out of every site.  And equally important, you knew what places to avoid during particular times of day when the swarms of giant tour buses were present.  I couldn't believe the places we got to visit with little or even NO ONE else around!  What a treat!  Especially for a guy like me who really enjoys shooting photos.

Though I'm only in my mid 30's, I've traveled to many other countries. This is the first tour I've ever been on where I actually had time to shoot photos without being rushed.  This alone was worth the price of admission!  I came home with all the photos I wanted.  I can't thank you and Ehab enough for being so sensitive and accommodating to my photography.  You really get it.

I also enjoyed Ehab's teachings.  His expertise on the history of Egypt was great.  It was so nice to visit a site and actually understand what exactly I was looking at.  And he made the "lectures" fun!  Wow, what a rich history and culture.  You too, Ruth, added a lot of wonderful insight to the Egyptology.  You and Ehab make a great team.

As far as the safety goes..... You were right - Egypt gets a "bum rap."  At no time during those 2 weeks did I ever feel in danger or threatened.  This says a lot considering we were there in March 2003, during the war with Iraq.  I was also pleased at how friendly, warm and helpful the Egyptian people are.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no idea.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone of any age who is traveling to Egypt.  You really understand how to personalize your tour for the individual.  My photos, my memories and my laughs are the best testimony to that.  Thanks again!!

Frank Fakinos
Los Angeles, CA
Professional Musician, Amateur Photographer

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Egyptologist: Written while Richard was studying for his Masters in Egyptology.  He has since finished his Masters degree, made a second trip with us to Egypt, and is now working on a PhD in Egyptology in the UK.

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for a wonderful time, the best New Year I could imagine. I have just returned to university to study Egyptology, the culture, language, history and archaeology of ancient Egypt - so I had some prior knowledge.

I would like to stress that I am not into meditation or that side of things, nor am I ever likely to be. Having said that, I think the spiritual aspect of the tour made the whole experience more enjoyable, as Ruth was able to add a very personal touch that one would not get elsewhere. It was a great opportunity for me to be at the sites very early and experience them without anybody else being there. And being continually fed falafel sandwiches... seriously, we never went wanting there.

Ruth knows the best times to visit the sites, and with our Egyptologist, Ehab, make a good team. We were able to get into places at the right time, avoiding all the crowds and hassle and spending enough time to make us feel we had not missed anything. Shopping has never been such fun, I appreciate Ruth's bargaining techniques which saved me a few pounds.

We have a well-known successful tour company here in the UK, but I cannot see myself going with anyone else other than Ruth.  In fact, I am hoping to visit again very soon.

Thanks to Ruth, Ehab and all the group - like one happy family as we all are keeping in touch.

Best regards,

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Dear Ruth,
     I know we have all told you this in one way or another, but I feel moved to tell you again: There are no words that can adequately express how grateful I am to whatever Divine Intelligence caused me to find your website and ultimately go to Egypt with you. I feel blessed that I attracted that opportunity Ė and am grateful to myself for actually taking it when it showed up! And please tell Ehab how much I appreciated his knowledge, kindness, and wisdom Ė what a great person he is.
     I would love to do another trip with you at some point Ė with all of the rebuilding they are doing, there will be much more to see in a few years.
                                                 Barbara Madar, Indiana, USA

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Dear Ruth,

As a small child I dreamed of seeing the wonders of Egypt.  I was so excited when I went with you in March of 2002.  My childhood dream was coming true.  I didn't want to see Egypt in a touristy way.  I wanted to experience it.  To see, touch, smell and spiritually feel it.  My tour with you did not disappoint me in any of those areas.  Your tour allowed me to fully experience my childhood dream.  Through your instinctive knowing of what I was expecting from the trip you used your skill and knowledge to make it happen for me.  How very fortunate for me that I found you for my first trip.  That is exactly why I took my second trip with you in October of the same year.  Even though my needs had changed, you instinctively knew that and promptly set out to make all my new dreams and wants come true. 

I want to thank you for all those travel things that you handle so adeptly like the luggage, transportation, tipping, and meal planning.
I did not have to worry about those kinds of things because I knew you were handling it.  It left that time for me to just experience Egypt.  I want to thank you for all those special extra things we did like the moonlight camel ride to the desert, getting to touch the sphinx, visiting an unpublished excavation site, and the belly dancing costume shopping.  Thank you for those special times in the pyramids and your special insight into the hieroglyphics on the walls of the temples and those special meditation times in the temples.  Your special insights and knowledge made it all relevant and meaningful as we visited each site. 

You are a special person and your tours reflect that uniqueness in every way.  Thank you for such an experience and I am looking forward to my third trip.

Love and Peace
Diane, RN  dmullins@mikes.net 

[Diane Mullins is a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist using Swedish, Reiki, EnergyWork, CranioSacral, Reflexology, an Aromatherapist, and a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist from Indiana, USA.] 

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Julie and her Mom came to Egypt together.  Julie writes to us later:

Hi Everyone!

... everything is going great for my mom.  You should see her eyes and listen to her tell people about Egypt, she gets so excited!  People say it's like she came back a different person. She seems so much happier everyone says. She still is watching all the programs about Egypt, even though she's seen most of them, she just likes watching them to brag, and say "I've been there, I really have!" 
    I love you all very much and miss you.  My mother gives her regards...   w/b Julie, Massachusetts, USA

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Dear Ruth,

I am still processing Egypt, every day. The words have not yet come. I had envisioned myself writing the all-encompassing letter, an epic poem maybe, or some great treatise, but in any case, the PERFECT expression laying out all I received from you and from the trip..

Much that I received had nothing to do with Egypt. I went on the trip thinking I might encounter a personal challenge in relation to being with the group, since I have never ever been comfortable in a group except for my most intimate friends. Not so! I was amazingly comfortable from the beginning, thanks to you, Ruth, and to the people you attracted to you. What a perfect roommate Diane was for me! I loved her from the beginning and will always have a special place for her in my heart... I enjoyed you all - and most astoundingly, I enjoyed MYSELF with you all!

Amusingly, one of the issues the trip presented to me was the issue of expression. I was so impressed with everyone and delighted by all the different modes of expression the people showed. You, with your melodic laughing voice, words flowing effortlessly out of a deep understanding of your Beloved Egypt, out of true desire to reach each person, out of compassion, out of giving;.. Ehab, playful, laughing, while fluently imparting knowledge, bringing everything together, the perfect loving teacher; and Diane, the high priestess who could sit through a meal in full luminous presence and containment, contributing to the company as much as anyone present, while hardly uttering a word. And me -- well, as you may recall, at the beginning of the trip when you asked what people were looking for I said I wanted to be on the right side of my brain. We do get what we ask for, and I'm laughing at myself now, because I realize that I came home knowing LESS than when I went, but with a deeper understanding - one I am struggling to come to terms with and express.. 

Ruth, you must be fulfilling a sacred contract in this work you do, in that you have a natural talent for knowing what people need, along with the love and dedication to open them to the fulfillment, and the know-how to set the stage for it to happen. Even unspoken needs seem to be picked up by you, maybe even without your realizing it, as when we were in the Great Pyramid standing in a circle and you asked for opening, which is exactly what was in my heart to ask for. I did receive that opening, in an experience I will never forget, and never go back from. As it would be expressed in the hieroglyphs, "When the heart flings wide..."

The mechanics of the trip - well, there was no need for us to even think of that. You did a magnificent job on that complicated task. Ehab contributed greatly too. What a perfect gift.

Every full moon brings back to me the Egyptian moon over the pyramids and the other-worldly nature of our caravan - the wind, the galloping horses!  Thanks to the goddess for that and to Ehab and to Ali and to you!  It wells up in me sometimes and passes through, and I say, well, that was the full moon caravan that just passed through. Then I take a few deep breaths and smile.

Ruth, I know you are leaving soon. I am sending you a package.  With it I send my love, my admiration and my deepest gratitude. I will try to join you, as you suggest, in Egypt on your next visit. I'll send you a nod and a wink through the full moon on the 18th.

Love, Lilly
Owner of Golden Bough Vintage Books in Macon, Georgia.   Tel: 478-744-2446. 

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Ruth and Ehab,

I canít rave enough about my trip in June of 2004! I had been waiting almost my whole life for a trip to Egypt. I chose your tour after careful searching, and was not disappointed with my choice. You are both consummate professionals who add your own flavor to the tour, making it very well rounded.

I got the most beautiful photos, and more often than not, had famous tourist destinations to enjoy with just our small group. That was priceless. I was never rushed, and left feeling like I didnít miss a thing. Being able to walk through Luxor Temple in the morning with only 5 other people was worth the price of the trip alone. My friends keep commenting on how beautiful my pictures are because they are not crowded full of other tourists.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunities I got to interact with Egyptian people. Going to Hassanís (one of our driverís) house and meeting his family was a real treat. Definitely not something I would have gotten to do on another tour.

As far as safety goes, I never once was concerned. The Egyptian government has taken every possible precaution against any danger. I even felt comfortable enough to go to downtown Cairo to the movies with two Egyptian friends I met on my cruise boat! I didnít have one single issue with safety or feeling threatened.

I only wish that you provided tours to other countries, so that I could do all my world travel with you, Ruth. I am already thinking about another jaunt. I can never thank you enough for the time I had.

Heather Arrington
Biologist, Taxolog, Inc   Email: cynochick@yahoo.com 

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Hi Mary!

     Awesome!  Actually an understatement; no words can really describe my experience.  I am still having nightly dreams; finally they are becoming more clear..

We did an early morning meditation with Sekhmet at the Temple of Ptah at Karnak.  It was an emotional connection for most of us, especially my roommate.  The statue seemed to be alive with vibrations of power. A lot of heart energy.

The Temple of Denderah was exceptionally moving...

The pyramids had a more calming affect on me...  The energy there was very powerful but also very clear and pure; each had these same qualities as well as their own personalities.  We had an especially good time chanting in the Red Pyramid, the echo chamber!

Of course we did the tourist thing: shopping at the Kahn el Kahlili bazaar, riding camels, sailing the Nile in a felucca.  

All in all, this was one of the most memorable experiences in my life.  

Ellie, Connecticut, USA

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Dear Ruth,

Being a scientist, I generally approach experiences from a rational point of view.  The tour experience has expanded both my external, rational work and my internal spiritual journey.  My observations during the tour and long after were an amazing array of events that I would put in the category of life-changing.  Since the tour, I have worked with the energies that I sensed while being in the location of the pyramids and the temples that were part of the tour.  The results of this continues to be healing of things that are so dear to me, large and small.  The tour expands in my life as a continuing and very exciting journey.

Judy Bender, PhD., microbiologist, Atlanta, Georgia, USA  
       Judy's email:  DonBenderNCR@aol.com 

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Dear Dan,

We just returned from a memorable 16-day tour of Egypt.  What made the trip so remarkable was our Tour Leader/Guide, Ruth Shilling, and Mohamed, the Egyptologist who accompanied us.

Ruth's exemplary ability to coordinate, and her penchant for details, relieved us of all pressure, giving us the opportunity to fully enjoy this unique experience...  We visited sacred sites that most tourists do not get to see.

Ruth takes into consideration your primary interests and plans the tour to satisfy your needs.  I highly recommend that you contact Ruth regarding the tour of Egypt that you are currently planning.  Her email is....

Ray Diaz, New Jersey, USA  -- rayida@bigfoot.com 

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The power and beauty of Egypt is a sustaining light that stays with you forever.  I revisit her sacred sights when I shut my eyes and listen to the tapes Ruth recorded during our meditations.  What a blessing to be able to hear the sounds of Egypt and our sacred songs with the touch of a finger.  In a moment the magic and healing power of this pilgrimage to the land of  Pharaohs comes alive all over again.  Space and time vanish.  I am renewed.

Cynthia Hill Noll, sound-healer & expressive arts facilitator, Caswell Beach, NC  HILLNOLL@aol.com 

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Dear David and Carol,

I write this note with so much appreciation and joy...  

Ruth was amazing.  She moved lyrically between her various roles: tour guide, facilitator, friend.  Her friendship was like the parent who conveys her care with an evenness that intimates to each child that he is the special one...as if the tour was designed especially to suit each of our individual interests.  As facilitator, she created environments where the most beautiful meditations and incantations unfolded, including one in the Great Pyramid which was, to my experience as a pianist, one of the most unusual and inspiring musical events of my career. 

...Ruth's business savvy.  Her instinct for knowing when to be flexible or firm and decisive when necessary created a comfort level for the group that resulted in a trip that felt seamless from the beginning to end.

I am still sorting through and reliving the enormous wealth of experience I had and I sense this process with continue for some while.  I got to realize a dream -- to feel the wonder of Egypt, the history of which came alive though the words and enthusiasm of Mohamed, a humanitarian, who showed us as much about the richness of life by example as he educated us about Egypt."

R.C., California, USA

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Dear Ruth,

    Thank you again for the wonderful trip to Egypt.  Your knowledge and expertness made those 16 days one of the highlights of our lives...  Your kindness and sensitivity towards other people was felt and appreciated every day.  Your talent of organizing and budgeting time was just excellent.
    We will recommend you with great confidence.  Thank you again!

Lore Geissler, New Jersey, USA   tel: 973-633-8282  (German and English speaking)

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