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Tel el-Amarna

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Includes Seti I Temple, Ramesses II Temple & the Osirion.


The Temple of Seti I, the Osireion and
the Temple of Ramesses II
If photos appear to be missing (box with x) click REFRESH.

Seti I Temple

Ab-3-web.jpg (56316 bytes) Ab-4-web.jpg (61302 bytes) Ab-2-web.jpg (59708 bytes) Ab-5-web.jpg (70428 bytes) Ab-5b-web.jpg (77330 bytes)
Ab-6-web.jpg (51332 bytes) Ab-7-web.jpg (54027 bytes) Ab-13-web.jpg (57113 bytes) Chapel Chapel
Ab-9-web.jpg (59076 bytes) Ab-8-web.jpg (48187 bytes) Ab-10-web.jpg (65965 bytes) Abydos-LG-4-large-web.jpg (51839 bytes)
Abydos "Helicopter" - photo by Scott Kingsley Hieroglyphs recarved over previous inscription look like other things Hieroglyphs recarved over previous inscription look like other things Hieroglyphs recarved over previous inscription look like other things
What the original inscription looked like before it became the "helicopter." From another wall at Abydos. Kings List,  Old Kingdom kings - Khufu, Djedefre, Khafre, Menkaure Kings List, Old Kingdom kings - Unas, Teti
Kings List hallway Ab-14-web.jpg (51424 bytes) Abydos_Sanctuary.jpg (20369 bytes)