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Hatshepsut's Temple, Deir El Bahari, 3rd Level, Luxor West Bank

One of our Australian travelers, Sarah Louise Todd, at Dashur with the Bent Pyramid.

Obelisk at Karnak Temple

"Wonders of Egypt - Family Tour"
Includes Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Luxor and the Hathor Temple at Dendera

8-day Egypt Tour - Sunday, Nov 21 - Sunday, Nov 28, 2010 (American Thanksgiving week)

Open to people ages 7 years and above. 
Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Single travelers also welcome.

Day-by-Day Itinerary & Prices  ---  Optional Extensions before or after the Tour

Family Tour Camel Ride Video


Day-by-Day Itinerary


"Wonders of Egypt - Family Tour"
 November 21-28, 2010

Land Only Prices* 
Adults & children ages 12+: $2,995* USD per person in double occupancy.  
Single Supplement: $400 USD
Children (ages 7-11 years old at time of tour): $2,195* USD sharing a room with an adult.

* Prices above are for those sharing a hotel room & include: Flights from Cairo-Luxor and Luxor-Cairo,
two 5-star hotels, 2 meals per day (a large buffet breakfast & lunch), bottled water at all times, 
sightseeing with entrance fees as described below.  
Additional fees may be required for activities listed as Optional.  
Complete list of what is included.

Nov 20, 2009

Departures from home for people coming from North America or Australia:
For those departing from USA, Canada or Australia, you will take overnight flights that arrive in Egypt the following day.  Contact Us for help with finding the best flight options for you.  

Day 1
Nov 21, 2010

Plan to arrive in Cairo, Egypt, on Sunday, Nov 21, 2010.   An English-speaking representative will meet you at Cairo airport and bring you to our hotel near the pyramids.

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids, the Mena House Oberoi, (Palace section).

Day 2
Nov 22, 2010

Rashepses wooden statue, Imhotep Museum, Saqqara
Imhotep Museum
Blue Lotus &
Local Farmers

Papyrus Institute & Shop
Papyrus Institute 

Step Pyramid, SaqqaraHere in the Cairo area we begin with a visit to the oldest pyramid of all, King Djoser's Step Pyramid.  It was built more than 4,500 years ago!  This was the beginning, and it is the beginning of our tour, too.

It is here at the Saqqara complex that we get to see the early versions of the Book of the Dead  (Teti Pyramid) and some tombs with scenes of the daily life in the Old Kingdom.  See what life on the Nile looked like more than 4,000 years ago - people, animals, food, farming, making glass & jewelry, kids playing games and lots more.

Here at Saqqara we also have the pleasure of seeing the newly opened Imhotep Museum - a beautifully laid out modern museum with a number of wooden statues from the Old Kingdom that are particularly memorable.  It is a small museum, so will be a short visit.  All the items on exhibit were found here at Saqqara and have not been on public display before.

Local Farmer, SaqqaraRuth has some friends in the Saqqara area who have a guesthouse in the Black Land, the farming area.  Hopefully they will be home and able to welcome us for lunch.  It's also a chance to see some the nearby farmers and their animals up close.  See Blue Lotus of Saqqara Guesthouse.

On our way back to Giza we stop at what was once the capital city of Ancient Egypt, Memphis.  See the huge statue of Ramesses II and the Alabaster Sphinx.  We'll visit a papyrus institute and see how the ancient papyrus was made.  Includes a shop where you can buy your own as well.

- Sound & Light Show at the Giza pyramids in the evening.  Cost: $25 pp. 

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids, the Mena House Oberoi, (Palace section).

Day 3
Nov 23, 2010

Khafre (2nd) Pyramid, Giza

Ramp inside the Menkaure (3rd) Pyramid, Giza
Giza Plateau

Solar Boat, beside Khufu Pyramid ("The Great Pyramid"), Giza
Solar Boat
Camel Rides

Today is Giza Pyramids day!  The most famous pyramids of all.  We visit and go inside whichever pyramid is open.  Of the three pyramids, two will be open and one closed for renovations - dates are not announced in advance.  There is an additional ticket of 100 LE (about $17 USD) for the Great Pyramid.  On that day, you will decide if you want to take this option and go inside. The ticket for the other pyramid that will be open is included in your tour price.

In the Solar Boat Museum we see a boat that is almost 5,000 years old and was found 50 years ago, here beside the pyramid.  The trees that were used to build it most have been huge, because the boards run the whole length of the boat!

Camel ride at the pyramids We will also see the Great Sphinx & Valley Temple.  The stones that make up the walls of the Valley Temple are HUGE, too large for us to move and place so precisely today.  How did they do it? What do you think?  

Camel rides for the adventurous.  Here's your chance to ride across the desert with the pyramids there nearby (and, of course, have your picture taken as well). 
Camel Ride Video

Back at our hotel it is time to pack your bags to get ready for leaving Cairo tomorrow. 

- Go inside the Great Pyramid.  Cost: 100 LE (about $18 USD). Optional:
- Gold Shop (jewelry).

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids, the Mena House Oberoi, (Palace section).

Day 4 Wednesday
Nov 24, 2010

Ka statue, Cairo Egyptian Museum
Cairo Museum

Sofitel Karnak

In the morning we drive into Cairo, the biggest center of culture and learning in the Middle East, and one of the largest, most crowded cities in the entire world. 

Right in the center of the city is the famous Cairo Egyptian Museum.  Your guides point out the most famous pieces and then there is free time to look at whatever interests you the most.  The treasures of King Tut, the Mummy Room, statues from all time periods.  

Afternoon flight to Luxor where our hotel is right on the Nile.  Or if you would like the adventure of taking an overnight train from Cairo to Luxor you can substitute that flight and take the train.  Egypt Air flight MS 355 leaves Cairo at 3:20pm and arrives in Luxor at 4:30pm.

Optional: Royal Mummy Room at the Cairo Egyptian Museum.  Cost: 100 LE (about $18 USD).

Overnight:  Luxor 5- star Hotel -  Sofitel Karnak Resort or the overnight train (your choice).

Day 5
Nov 25, 2010

Hatshepsut's Temple
Astrological ceiling in tomb of Valley of the Kings, West Bank of Luxor
Valley of the Kings
The Colossi of Memnon, Luxor
"Colossi of Memnon"
Our host in a village on the West Bank of Luxor

Hatshepsut's Deir El Bahari in the early morningEarly morning is the perfect time to visit the West Bank, one the most famous archeological sites in the world.  The first site that we visit is also one of the earliest New Kingdom temples.  Called "The Most Splendid of All" by the ancient Egyptians, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, the famous Deir El Bahari has inspired many, including the founders of modern architecture. One of the outstanding features is the picturesque Hathor columns in the Hathor Chapel on the second Level. We are also privileged to be admitted to the third level which was only recently opened to the public. 

More photos of  Hatshepsut's Temple.

In the late morning we visit the Valley of the Kings, where King Tut's tomb was found. There are many tombs here, and excavations are still going on, as well as renovations to tombs that have been uncovered a long time. One never knows which tombs will be open that day, but there will be a variety to choose from.  

Recent highlights are the openings of the Ramesses I  tomb & Ramesses VI tomb, both restored with modern techniques pioneered during the restoration of the tomb of Nefertari (Nefertari's tomb is no longer open to the public).  See optional extra tickets listed below.

Just nearby are some villagers that are long-time friends of Ruth.  One of the highlights for many of our travelers is to meet some of the local people and see their lifestyle.  Hopefully we will be invited to their house for lunch.  The food is delicious!

We will also see the "Colossi of Memnon," the two large statues of Amenhotep III that still stand, even though their temple is long ago destroyed.  The Greeks believed they were statues of Memnon, the son of Eros.

Extra tickets for: 
1) King Tut's tomb (about $15 USD) if it is still open.  It is scheduled to close to the public shortly (for renovations).  
2) The newly opened and renovated tomb of Ramses VI (about $13 USD).
3)  Visit to the Luxor Museum in the evening.

Overnight: Luxor 5- star Hotel -  Sofitel Karnak Resort

Day 6
Nov 26, 2010

The Goddess Hathor at Dendera, Egypt
Goddess Hathor
 at Dendera
Nile boat ride
Shopping at
Luxor Street Bazaar 

Nubian boatman, felucca sailboatThis morning we take a 1-hour drive north of Luxor to the see the Temple for the Goddess Hathor at Dendera.  The Goddess Hathor was worshipped throughout all of Ancient Egypt.  Her temple at Dendera has lots of astronomical imagery.  There are the signs of the Zodiac on the ceiling, and representations of constellations and stars.  The drive to Dendera takes us through the Egyptian countryside where we will see the farmers in the fields with their kids helping them, and their animals, too.

In the afternoon we will return to our hotel (right on the Nile!), from where we can take a Nile boat ride  -- either a motorboat or sailboat, depending on the weather.  The boat men are lots of fun and we will get to see the life along the Nile from a different perspective.

In the later afternoon or early evening, we visit the many shops that form the Luxor street bazaar.  It's time to see what your bargaining skills are and have fun looking at all the souvenirs they offer.

Overnight: Luxor 5- star Hotel -  Sofitel Karnak Resort
Day 7
Nov 27, 2010

Luxor balloon ride
Balloon Ride
Southern Gate, Karnak Temple
Open Air Museum

Morning option: Early morning Balloon Ride over the West Bank of Luxor.  See the temples from a very different perspective!

Today we visit the largest temple in Ancient Egypt, Karnak.  Karnak was the center of government during the New Kingdom and each Pharaoh wanted to leave something impressive at Karnak. The largest temple complex in Egypt, we see multiple temples, obelisks, great gates and the famous hypostyle hall - unequalled to this day.  We also see the Sacred Lake, the Festival Hall and Botanical Garden of Tutmosis III (a precursor of Napoleon's later record of the fauna and flora found in Egypt).

Senwosret "White Chapel", Open Air Museum, KarnakAlso at Karnak, we visit the fascinating Open Air Museum where we view the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut and Tutmosis III (Karnak's original Holy of Holies) and Senwosret's White Chapel with its finely-carved Middle Kingdom hieroglyphs.  These are in raised relief - some of the best to be found anywhere.  There is something new each time we visit, as reconstruction of new pieces is ongoing.

Return flight from Luxor to Cairo in the late afternoon.  Egypt Air flight MS 356 departs Luxor at 5:00pm and arrives in Cairo at 6:10pm.  Our hotel is right beside the airport, which will make it very convenient for flights leaving tomorrow.

- Sunrise Balloon Ride, cost: about $140 USD pp.

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the Cairo Airport, Iberotel Heliopolis.

Day 8
Nov 28, 2010

Your Egypt 
Tour is finished.

Return flights home.  For those leaving for the USA, your flight leaves at 10 AM and arrives in New York at 3:15 PM - the same day but with an increase of 7 hours for the time difference between Cairo and New York.  For those traveling to the UK the time difference is 2 hours.  

Or you can extend your stay in Egypt with extra tours or hotel nights. You might want to begin a Nile Cruise, a  Petra & Jordan trip or one of our other Extensions.   Contact Us for rates.  

There may be changes to this itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control.

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